Wounded Childhood

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Our childhood is the most beautiful time of our life. Won’t you agree? We are happy souls, unaware of what evil world we’re born into. The most purest thoughts and emotions we hold during this phase of our life.

But it is also the most crucial time of our lives. If you’re wondering why, it’s because whatever we see, hear and feel, makes or breaks us for the rest of our lives. Yes, you heard it right! Those feelings remain with us forever.

Parents fighting in presence of their children, exchange of profanity words among adults, domestic violence etc. are many such acts people enter into without even realizing how this will affect their kid.


Ever seen a kid burst into tears the moment you make a sad or an angry face? Their energies instantly drop by a small gesture. Just a small act for a fraction of seconds and the innocent child sheds hundreds of tears. So just think for a while, about a child who has been staying in an environment of abuse since forever! Did that sink your heart?

A child is most affected by the behavior of the people they stay with. And most importantly, the parents. Whether they show it or they don’t, the child always knows when something isn’t going well among the two of them. Always!

If a couple who gives birth to a child, realized or rather knew how immensely their every negative act is breaking their own child; they would have watched their every move. But the reality is, they don’t care! I personally do not believe that parents are unaware of what they are doing to their own kids. Chances are, they always knew what they were doing but, never wanted to change.

Reason? I ain’t sure! Maybe giving birth is just a child’s play or an outcome of orgasm without protection and nothing more than that!

Ain’t child birth a responsibility one takes-up for eternity? You have given birth to a life! That’s your blessing! You cannot ruin a life just because you gave it life. You cannot kill a soul and expect it to be alive just physically. If you ruin your child, don’t call yourself a ‘Parent’.

Ours is the most loneliest and depressed generation. And I know many of us have been broken into pieces since our childhood because of nobody else but, our parents. That’s the bitter truth! Let’s just accept that!

To all the people who are parenting or soon to become one, biologically or by adoption, act right. Your kids are watching you. Don’t let the coming generation be as loneliest and emotionally broken as we are. Let’s fix what our parents broke for us.

Image Courtesy – Unknown

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    It’s good connecting with you! Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

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    1. Same here, Eugenia! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sorry for replying so late to you. Not sure how, but your comment was moved to Spam automatically. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Just happen to see it today. Sorry once again. Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚


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      1. Your welcome ๐Ÿ˜Š


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