The 1st thing, someone does when they see such a lengthy post is – just turn away! Nah! Who’s gonna read that! I scrolled over and had the same thought, to be honest. But, you had me in the 1st few lines.😍

My heart sank, my feet trembled as I kept reading it through. I can completely relate to every word you’ve written. Probably it was easy for me to connect with this as my thought process is just like you.😊

This really needs to reach as many people as it can. This is an eye-opener, indeed. People call me crazy since I always talk rationally. Nobody wants to see the mirror and people like us are running to and fro with a huge mirror in our hands.

“Even the models on Instagram don’t look like the models on Instagram.” cracked me up.🤣🤣 That’s so true!

I am in love with your thought process.❤️ I’m your fan already. It’s rare to find people who think so rationally. Humanity is dead but, humans are alive. Sad! We’ve learnt nothing even when our one feet is already in the grave.

I am re-blogging this. This is my 1st re-blog. This is definitely worth a read. Thank you for sharing this, @mayetsworld.😊

Mayet's World

I know that the novel Corona virus or Covid-19 has become a hot topic on the lips of everyone – you simply can’t avoid it. The ubiquitous presence of this invisible, silent killer has the world running helter-skelter, or rather, confined withing the walls of their homes like prisoners. Fears of global economic collapse, overburdened health-care systems, starvation & the death of loved ones has brought the world to its knees with nobody really knowing what the future holds. Such fears have even driven some to extreme lengths. One particular incident which surfaced recently was the passing of Thomas Schaffer, the Finance Minister of Germany’s Hesse State who committed suicide due to him being “deeply worried“ over the crisis. He was actively involved in a scheme to provide financial assistance to distressed organisations and people. Apparently, he saw no way out of this perilous situation. Why is this so worrying…

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  1. Jay Bleu says:

    Haha. That’s funny because when I see a long post, that’s the first thing I do!

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    1. I hope you read it at least this time, Jay!🤣

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      1. Jay Bleu says:

        I can say I read all of your post. :))))

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        1. Hahahaha… I’m so honoured!😃 You just dodged what I said very smartly!

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  2. mayetsworld says:

    Thanks so much for sharing dear. I appreciate your support 🙂

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    1. Pleasures all mine!😊 It was worth a read.

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      1. mayetsworld says:

        My WordPress did me down, I initially saw your post excluding you add-on comment. Thanks again ✌


  3. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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