Its A Wrap! (Aug 2020)

Did you miss checking “The Memeday posts?” Well don’t worry… Here’s a recap! Click on the title to read the posts. ‘The Queen’ Has An Announcement Monday Is Coming! Andddd… Did anyone of you notice that the memes posted last month revolved around the virus and how we’re behaving at home these days?😂 No? Have a…


Saturday Six Word Story Prompt Prompt for Week #53 (Aug 29, 2020 – Sep 4, 2020) Lipstick’s loud, of herself she’s proud.💋 Don’t try to shut a loud-woman! Loud is a feeling, you know? I’m loud even when I’m quiet! Loud the mocking, louder the ignorance. Keep your actions loud, not speech. Louder they barked…

Please Help!

Well, this is not a blog, I just need a small help from y’all. If anyone of you is good with gadgets or have faced this problem, please share your experiences and suggestions. Would replacing a motherboard of a phone be a good decision? Or one should just opt for a new phone? I’m unsure…

Apologies Accepted?

Hey Lovely People! I know I’m not active since a long time and probably may not be spending much time here like before. Reasons – My work is really taking a toll on everything. It eats-up the whole day. The work load hurts my back.😢 Fucks my brain, my day, just everything. Moreover, I’m zoned…

Happy MemeDay #4

Hellooooo Lovely People! Happy MemeDay!😬 So before I share with y’all today’s meme, I wanted to tell y’all that I’d liked this meme but, wasn’t sure if I should post this one or not. I did save it on my phone but, I never thought I’d really put it up here. But then…. I got…

Tell Me

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Happy MemeDay #3

Heyaaaa Lovely People, Happy MemeDay!😁 Here’s the meme for the week… Relatable?😆 A few of you might be in one of these positions right now while seeing this meme, I’m sure about that.🤣🤣 The 1st two at least. If you’re positioned like the 3rd or the 4th, please see a Doctor asap!😂🤣 I already have…

Shout-out To My Favourite Bloggers!

Well, before y’all proceed, promise yourself to REBLOG this post so that as many could know about these special people I’ve met on this platform. They’re a blessing! Indeed!❤️

Tell Me

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A Special Post!

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