She’s One Of A Kind

Wrote this back in the year 2014. Yes, I had to make a slight change in the climax. However, the rest of it is unchanged.

Do share your views on this piece created six years ago.

The most selfish creation of God!

I see the mocking, The killings, The suffocating,The marginalized,The poor,The needy,The old,The helpless, I see, I see them all. To get answers from everyone of you today, this discussion I’ve called. Skin colour determines your right to live, That little Elephant was fed with poison which looked as food,An animal, how could we deceive? How…

The One I Loved!

Read this poetry to know about a love story nobody has ever talked about.

I ain’t kidding. This is a out-of-the box love story.

That Peculiar Fragrance

Falling in love with a human is common. But, have you ever fallen in love with a fragrance?

Best Friends Turned Lovers

We always ignore what we feel, isn’t it? Too scared to express our love for someone.

He too was too scared to tell her that he loves her. But, one fine day, things changed….

‘Best friends turned lovers.’

He calls me his ‘Sunshine’

Calling your partner as ‘Sunshine’ makes their day, isn’t it? But she doesn’t like that.

Wondering why would she not?

Read it to know it.

For Once In My Life…

This piece was written almost six years ago! Yes, you read it right. Six years ago!😊

Written on 14th September 2014. Happened to find this today and I thought of sharing it on my blog.

Do share your views about this creation of mine.

Thank you!