Women Empowerment!

Let’s support each other in all walks of life. Women Empowerment is all about women empowering women.

Happy Women’s Day!

Manspreading! My Vagina Suffocates!

Raised your brows reading that title? Well, I decided to raise this since nobody talks about it. And why would one not talk about it? I’m sure, many of us have experienced this during our travel or elsewhere. For those who still do not know what ‘Manspreading’ is, it is – The practice whereby a…

Short Dress

I stepped out of my house to watch a movie with my friend at around 6 o’clock that evening. For a change, I decided to wear my new bodycon dress. As I stepped out, a feeling of uncomfortableness rushed through my body. No, it wasn’t about my dress. I looked pretty and carried it well….