Women And Their Social Media Challenges

Everyone of you must be having a social media account. At least one. Y’all know how women celebrate women empowerment isn’t it? There are many out here too who must have participated in such challenges. #SareeChallenge #Black&WhitePicChallenge etc etc. Dear women, can y’all tell me what is so challenging about the challenge? Are y’all retards?…

He calls me his ‘Sunshine’

Calling your partner as ‘Sunshine’ makes their day, isn’t it? But she doesn’t like that.

Wondering why would she not?

Read it to know it.

Short Dress

I stepped out of my house to watch a movie with my friend at around 6 o’clock that evening. For a change, I decided to wear my new bodycon dress. As I stepped out, a feeling of uncomfortableness rushed through my body. No, it wasn’t about my dress. I looked pretty and carried it well….