The Penable Award #2

Yayy! My poetry ‘The One I Loved!’ won the poetry competition. So join me in my celebration.

Come-on in!

For Once In My Life…

This piece was written almost six years ago! Yes, you read it right. Six years ago!😊

Written on 14th September 2014. Happened to find this today and I thought of sharing it on my blog.

Do share your views about this creation of mine.

Thank you!


What is ‘Real Love’?

Ever wondered if it is real love? Read my poetry to know how you feel when you find ‘The One’.

💞Undecided Love!💞

They both had fallen for each other. Both couldn’t deny but couldn’t accept it either. They were scared that with time, the feeling might turn bitter. Both carried a broken heart which was full of love in every broken part. She deep down knew he won’t depart while he found her the most beautiful art….