Are You In?

I’m thinking about something for a while,It could go downhill but let’s just do a trial. I’ve got a tiny gang out here,You know, you matter…. let me make that clear! The plan might work or might not,Right now, it’s just an exciting thought! You know which gang I’m talking about,I hope you don’t have…

Stepping Forward!

Never knew how this journey of Blogging would be,Would people like what I write and accept me as ‘Me?’ I came to realize, you’d never know until you try,I wonder now, without even trying, why did I always cry! Though anonymous I’ve always been,To know me, my people out here have always been keen. I’d…

Who Got Fooled?

I struggled to make time for my baby, I thought, it will soon be fine, maybe! I wanted to run away to a place where nobody could find me, My heart wanted to scream, ‘Just Let Me Be Me!’ I reached a point where I forgot I had a baby, I thought, it will soon…

I’m Not Him Anymore!

I know, she was into tears while she sent me that long message. Telling, she misses me more than she should. That she cannot let go of what we once had. Reminding me of the days she spent with me, Of how beautiful the times were… Of how she never had to pursue me… Of…

A Mad Tea Party

This was written within 15-20 mins approximately and after final touch-up, I’m releasing it today.

Is God Deaf?

I wonder how the God turned deaf!To feed ourselves with great food during festivals, we turn into a chef. We dance over songs objectifying women,We call this festival? Tell me how and from when? Why do I need to yell on a mic or play irrelevant, filthy songs?Are we really a thinking animal or to…

It’s Okay!

DISCLAIMER – Don’t read it if you hold a tiny mentality.

If you decide to read it, read it as fast as you can.


Saturday Six Word Story Prompt – Leave

A Tale – Friendship!

Hey All,

I am participating in this for the very first time! Do let me know, if you liked my attempt.

The SEX Market


A very sensitive topic. Read at your own discretion!

Thank You!