Are You In?

I’m thinking about something for a while,It could go downhill but let’s just do a trial. I’ve got a tiny gang out here,You know, you matter…. let me make that clear! The plan might work or might not,Right now, it’s just an exciting thought! You know which gang I’m talking about,I hope you don’t have…

Who Got Fooled?

I struggled to make time for my baby, I thought, it will soon be fine, maybe! I wanted to run away to a place where nobody could find me, My heart wanted to scream, ‘Just Let Me Be Me!’ I reached a point where I forgot I had a baby, I thought, it will soon…

That Peculiar Fragrance

Falling in love with a human is common. But, have you ever fallen in love with a fragrance?

For Once In My Life…

This piece was written almost six years ago! Yes, you read it right. Six years ago!😊

Written on 14th September 2014. Happened to find this today and I thought of sharing it on my blog.

Do share your views about this creation of mine.

Thank you!


What is ‘Real Love’?

Ever wondered if it is real love? Read my poetry to know how you feel when you find ‘The One’.