Are You In?

I’m thinking about something for a while,It could go downhill but let’s just do a trial. I’ve got a tiny gang out here,You know, you matter…. let me make that clear! The plan might work or might not,Right now, it’s just an exciting thought! You know which gang I’m talking about,I hope you don’t have…

An Unexpected Turn!

Hello Everybody! Hope you are doing well! Okayyy, wondering what am I doing here?🤔 I’ll tell you in a bit. I know this blog hasn’t been very active recently. Well, we all know about it. You must be wondering where ‘The Bold Girl’ is? How did she not post anything since so long? What’s cooking!…

Happy MemeDay #8

Heyy-Loww! How are you all?😁 Here’s the meme for the week.👇🏼 Hmmmm…. Now, you know who’s behind all this? We are for no reason blaming China.🤣🤣 – The Bold Girl💋

A Tale – Friendship!

Hey All,

I am participating in this for the very first time! Do let me know, if you liked my attempt.